Domain Valuation

What is the market price of your domain?

UDomain has around 20-year experience on domain industry. With our professional team and the latest domain sales records, we can provide you a professional and scientific assessment to assist you fixing the price of your domain.

We analyze the value of your domain based on the following factors:

  1. Recent domain sales trend
  2. Etymological criteria
  3. Market Demand
  4. Status of Similar Domain Names
  5. Domain Valuation Service

Not only just a price, in the assessment, you will also have:

  1. A list of recent comparable sales
  2. Tips for selling and marketing your domain
  3. A complete understanding of domain value

Also, we guarantee to deliver the assessment by email within 5-7 working days. Let’s tell you the value of your domain!

Service Fee:

HK$800 /domain

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